Solar panels are designed to tap solar power. Solar power captures ecstatic light from the sun and transforms it into clean energy to be used in different areas like the home, machinery, and business.

Solar panel system has components that consist of a mounting system, a collection of solar panels, and an inverter with a computerized solid-state controller. The inverter changes the direct current electricity directly from the sunlight to alternating current that’s now usable in the home.

If you go shopping a solar panel system, you’ll need to know how to install it. In solar panels installation, there are five big steps that happen.

  1. All paperwork. Documents and permits should all be in place as installing solar panels require that according to the area of residence.
  2. Site evaluation. A technician would visit your place to make sure everything has compatibility with the energy system. Photos might be needed during the visit for technicians to conduct their own measurements. There should be no objects restraining contact to the sun.

3. Ordering and getting scheduled for installation. Primary distributors help people to set up and order for the equipment. However, you need to be well versed with equipment selection, if not refer to

  1. Installation. The technicians will prepare your roof so it allows electrical wiring that will connect to your general power system. Racking must safely be attached to support the panels. Installation takes one to four days depending on the size of the system that you are installing.
  2. Connection. It’s the final step to start generating power from your rooftop. This should take place assuming that the correct and strict inspection is done on the whole solar panel system as well as an inspection from your power company too.

As far as you trust your installer, you should be able to have undergone some training on the solar installation by yourself.