Cannabis is rapidly getting legalized all across the USA. Due to the new changes in the laws, people are finally able to grow the stuff they love. Today we will focus on general growing steps. However, this technique can surely be applied to growing your grow box weed. If you are starting to grow weed, you have come to the perfect place. We will tell you everything you need to do to grow your cannabis in ten incredibly easy to follow steps. Read on to overcome any confusion you may have about growing cannabis.

Ten Steps to grow Cannabis

  1. The first step for you is to choose your location carefully. Once the seeds are planted, you do not want to change the location of the plantation too frequently. Chaning the location frequently may damage the plant or in some extreme cases, even kill it.
  2. Once you have settled for a perfect place to start growing, you need to consider the element of light. The light you expose your plant to is crucial to be understood and maintained. The nature of light required will depend upon the type of cannabis you are growing. One quick Google search can tell you about the kind of light you need based on the kind of cannabis you are growing.
  3. You also need to pay ample attention to the medium you are using to grow your cannabis. You need to select a soil type that is rich in nutrients. One suitable option here is Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil Mix (FFOF) and Kind Soil Pre-Made Super Soil.
  4. You also need to develop a well-planned schedule for the nutrients. You need to provide the right nutrients at the right time and the right place. It would help if you also were critical about the pH value of the soil.
  5. The next step is to get seeds to start growing. You can ring up any friends you know who grow cannabis themselves. Also, you can purchase these seeds online from any seed bank or a breeder.
  6. Germination is the next step in this process. One of the best ways for you to germinate your harvest is to put it directly under a starter cube.
  7. By the time your plants enter the vegetative stage, you need to be able to set the temperature. The temperature must be around 20-30 degree centigrade. If it is any warmer or colder, your plants may get damaged.degrees
  8. By this time, your plants will enter the flowering stage. At this stage, you need to change the lighting schedule to 12-12. Also, you need to be able to identify the gender of the plants. If there are any males, you need to root them out.
  9. After this comes the time for harvesting your plants. It would help if you harvested the plants when the THC level is the highest. It is around the time when nearly 50-70% of the trichomes are darkened.
  10. Once you have harvested the plants, you need to hang them upside down in a dark and cool place. The place must also have ample ventilation so that you can dry them up.

Et voila! Your cannabis is ready to be used once you have followed these steps!

Caviar is a delicacy prepared from sturgeon fish eggs. It is eaten by most people very rarely or on special occasions. Why? It is believed to be a luxury. However, it doesn’t really have to be a luxury as you think. There are ways you can make this delicacy a regular part of your diet.

Why Is Caviar Incredible?
It is fascinating that caviar surpasses the criteria of superfood. What makes it so?
1. Vitamins and Minerals: They contain a number of vitamins and minerals needed for proper functioning of the body. One of its minerals, selenium is known to boost the immune system, and protect the body against oxidative stress, hence, reducing the chance of cancer. A tablespoon of caviar meets the daily requirement for vitamin B12

2. Unsaturated fatty acids: It contains omega-3 fatty acids which help in the proper functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. This reduces the risk of having a heart attack and stroke

3. Treats infertility in males: Research has proven the efficacy of caviar in treating impotency. This is also due to its many rich nutritional contents.

4. Alleviate Depression: Caviar can help lift your mood because of the presence of omega-3.

5. Used for Skin Treatment: The nutritional content of sturgeon fish eggs makes it a choice ingredient in beauty treatment as it is known to give young-looking skin.

Spending Less on Caviar
In the past, caviar is very expensive because it can only be prepared from eggs of matured female sturgeons. Getting this kind of fish Is not a small feat. Importation from other countries also contributed to the increase in price.

Presently, caviar is not very expensive. This stems from the advances of fish farming and the discovery of sturgeons in the United States rivers. However, it is only still affordable, not cheap. This is because rearing female sturgeon to maturity and subsequent harvest of their eggs is labour-intensive.

The rate at which you can eat caviar will depend on your budget and the variety you want to buy. Some varieties and estimated prices are listed below. You can differentiate between varieties by their sizes, flavor and texture.
1. the black beluga caviar which sells at $200/oz
2. the white sturgeon caviar which sells at $50/oz,
3. the hackleback caviar which sells at $30/oz
4. the paddle stick sturgeon black caviar which sells at $20/oz
5. the orange salmon caviar which sells at $6/oz.

If you are a lover of caviar, and you earn a modest income, eating the delicacy every day won’t necessarily be a big deal especially if you opt to eat with other food.

Food to Eat Caviar with
1. Eggs and Buttered Black Bread: Caviar served with buttered black bread and scrambled eggs are great for breakfast.

2. Blini and Chives: Enjoy your caviar by eating it together with blini, a pancake prepared from wheat. A spoonful of caviar on top of blini sprinkled with chives will do the magic.

3. Cucumber: Cucumber topped with caviar will serve you a refreshing meal. The neutral taste of cucumber provides a great way to savour the caviar flavour.

Indica considered an outstanding sleep aid. It is regarded as the relaxed, sedative type of high that will have you on the couch all evening. It is frequently used at night for a sleep aid, because it relaxes your entire body, usually leaving its users sleepy. Indica is known to make a physical body high, ideal for relaxation and meditation. Relaxing and powerful, it has a wide array of recreational and healthcare uses, one of them is using Indica for sleep.



Marijuana is famous for its capacity to ease pain and to help with insomnia. Marijuana affects us all differently, and that means you will need to do your own bit of research and try different strains. In fact, lots of folks who smoke marijuana before bedtime report an absence of dreaming. Marijuana is an intricate plant with endless possible strain combinations which are nearly not possible to classify. Eating marijuana may come in extremely powerful effects which become apparent only some time after consumption free of method of cutting back the dose.

While cannabis may be eaten in foods like brownies, it is most frequently smoked. To begin with, you should think about consuming cannabis through edibles. Another excellent approach to take cannabis is via a tincture, which is both simple to take and simple to prepare.

You may utilize CBD oil for insomnia but in addition a wide range of different ailments. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that could include bigger conditions like depression or nervous tension. Luckily cannabis is shown to be an effective and safe sleep aid for many people. Even people having the most stubborn insomnia can locate their escape to the dream world with a great sedating Indica.


Treating Insomnia

Sleep and wakefulness are both pieces of a typical daily rhythm. Though it seems like a passive state to us, the brain is still very active. As an example, REM sleep is the stage in which you dream. If you suffer from lack of sleep and it’s affecting your life negatively, you should speak to your routine physician to see whether you suffer from insomnia.

A high-quality Indica strain is a highly effective thing. Indica strains are also well suited for treating insomnia since they have a tendency to aid people sleep. They, on the other hand, produce a sleepy, couch-lock type of high that is ideal for helping you get to sleep. The effects created by Indica strains are extremely relaxing and narcotic-like, typically offering a full-body, or couch-locked effect. Indica’s effect on the body is usually called stoned or a body high.

Opportunely, cannabis will be able to help you sleep throughout the evening and cut back the grumpiness that accompanies no sleep. Over the last couple of years, it has gained traction in the medical arena, and it is now being suggested that specific strains could help combat sleep apnea. There are several ways to delight in the relaxation cannabis brings, and Indica-strain products are usually the best way to go.


Indica vs Sativa

If you ask a person who loves cannabis should they prefer Indica or Sativa, the majority of the time you’ll hear an easy, straightforward answer declaring one or the other as the individual’s favorite. If you wish to sleep soundly with cannabis. Please note, that cannabis has often been classified as a hallucinogen and regarded as a minor psychedelic. If you’re not yet well-versed on the different sorts of cannabis, now’s a great time to learn. Ultimately, you should try cannabis with an all-natural sleep aid

Different methods and techniques have been used over time to ease anxiety. One of such ways that technology has brought into the limelight in recent times is the use of anxiety blankets.

What is an Anxiety Blanket?

An anxiety blanket can also be called a gravity blanket. It is also a weighted blanket. As the name implies, it is simply a blanket with extra weight. One might be wondering what the extra weight could be. Well, an anxiety blanket could have diverse materials that would make it heavier. Some of the popular materials are glass beads and plastic pellets, which are distributed uniformly across the blanket.

Weighted blankets are used to relieve stress and provide ease in sleep. Originally, they were solely used by children who had Autism for therapeutic reasons, which include reducing the rate of meltdowns and giving patients a higher level of concentration at school. However, recent studies have shown that weighted blankets can also be used by children and adults who had no Autism, to relieve anxiety and improve sleep.

How does it Work?

An anxiety blanket makes use of a fundamental science which is referred to as Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). This simply is the gentle but firm application of pressure to the body to increase the release of Serotonin. It is often provided by holding, stroking, hugging, and squeezing. Serotonin is a chemical in the body which is responsible for the regulation of mood and sleep amongst other psychological factors. An imbalance or a reduction of Serotonin in the human body may lead to anxiety. The use of a weighted blanket helps to produce serotonin in the body which on the long run, relaxes the nervous system, provides relief in the body and reduces anxiety, all around.

Has it Been Scientifically Proven?

A number of research works have been conducted to ascertain the effects of weighted blankets in alleviating anxiety. To start with, a study by the Journal of Medical Biological engineering in 2012 came to the conclusion that the application of DTP has demonstrated a potential calming effect on the alleviation of anxiety in dental environments’. The study also showed that the application of DTP causes a positive physiological reaction in the human’s nervous system. Also, a study by Occupational Therapy in Mental Health to explore the safety and therapeutic effects of Deep Pressure Stimulation through a weighted blanket discovered that, when a weighted blanket was used with patients, they had more reports of reduced anxiety.

Another study from the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, considering the positive effects of a weighted blanket on Insomnia reached a conclusion that “the weighted chain blanket used in the study had a positive impact on sleep, both objectively and subjectively. It was found that some physiological behavior and behavioral values improved by the use of the weighted blankets. Participants of the study had a calmer night’s sleep when using the weighted blankets, characterized by fewer movements”.

Why Weighted Blankets?

There are several benefits a person could enjoy from the use of a weighted blanket. Apart from the reduction in anxiety that it guarantees as a result of the DTP science, it also makes users sleep better and more peacefully. It also reduces chronic stress. Since it is also a blanket, it provides warmth for its user, alongside other benefits.