To make customer in real life is difficult and time-consuming. And it also needs full attention and time of the second party. You can give time because you want customer but the second party will not easily give time and attention as they don’t need you.

Suppose you are running a business and you want the customer, so take from social media. What you have to make an Instagram account and gain Instagram followers.

The first and crucial step in making customers is a difficult one which is to gain Instagram follower’s attention. For this just follow given below instructions:

  1. Upload attractive pictures:

Most of the Instagram user only use Instagram to see pictures. The information gathered by looking at the picture is more valuable to read long text. As pictures are attraction grabbing for viewers, so just take beautiful pictures of your products or photographs related to your business and post it on your Instagram’s status.

  1. Eye-catching posts/stories to gain Instagrams follower’s attention:

As from a source, 75% of user visit page, search and shop after seeing a post. So try to make your posts and stories catchier than usual.

  1. Informal conversation:

One important step to gain Instagrams follower’s attention is to make them comfortable with you. Talk to them, ask questions generally. Don’t let them feel as you are a robot. Ask for their suggestions. Look for better options to communicate with your followers.

  1. Value them:

Life is the cycle of giving and take. Just apply this rule in your life. As giving respect to others, you take respect.

Giving value and importance to your followers means taking value from them. Which is in form of giving attention to things you are advertising and selling. And after attention, they will be guaranteed your customer.

You can give value by greeting them, value their suggestion, liking and share their posts and stories.

  1. Comment on their posts.

Everyone likes to get comments on their posts and they read very carefully comments from others. Now you have to comment with some tactics not just to grab the reader attention but to follow your business page or buy your product.

Like someone has posted a picture in the sports club or story about games. You comment as that’s amazing, what performance and I should you should get these brand sports clothes or sneakers. Or this type of shoe matches to this game. Or your height and physique is just made to wear this brand clothes.

Look for target population:

This is the reality that after doing all efforts 100% of your followers will not convert into your customer. This is not because you have not worked on them, it is because that the product you’re selling is not for use to all of your follower.

For example, your promoting kitchen cutlery, but 50% of your followers are males or kids with no information or interest in cooking. So your target population will be only 50%.

Now you cannot make your target population (who are females in the given example) into your followers. But you can convert your followers into your target population with a trick. Post such type of content which makes them interested in your products.