How Safe Is Software Outsourcing to Ukraine?

Ukraine is a favorite destination for software development outsourcing with many European and American companies. Those who only consider the option must be wondering if the country is safe to do business in. This article should be helpful if you’re hesitating about using the services of an outsourcing company Ukraine.

Intellectual Property, Data, and Information Security

Ukraine is going through reforms right now, including the harmonization of its legislation with that in the European Union. The statute regarding data protection was updated in July 2013. In October 2017, the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was signed. The plan of its implementation includes revisions to legislation regarding the protection of personal data and compliance with the GDPR. The bill on the fundamental principles of cyber security includes many proposals from the NATO and EU experts.

Established Ukrainian IT companies are complying with international laws and following best security practices. Most have representatives in the EU or U.S. A client can request information regarding internal and external audits, certificates it holds, info asset inventory, and security policies and procedures the company applies. The companies take measures to ensure all the client’s information assets and the users’ confidential data are safe. The employees get an appropriate awareness education and sign security commitments.

Legislative, regulatory, contractual, and business requirements help protect the data from loss, destruction, falsification, and unauthorized access. Companies ensure secure log-on procedures, password management, cryptographic keys management, network security, and information asset management. A client can also require the outsourcing partner to work remotely with its data without porting it to servers in Ukraine. The protection of intellectual property rights is ensured according to the legislative and contractual agreements.

Political Situation

With ongoing violence in its eastern part, the country’s challenges are similar to those of Israel. However, Ukraine is much bigger, and the conflict around two cities does not impact other regions. For instance, major IT hubs Kyiv and Lviv are closer to Berlin, Krakow, or Prague than to the conflict zone.

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