Is Property Management a Good Career?

If you are a property manager in the United States, there is a possibility of earning up to $90 per hour. Besides the financial gain as a property manager, the career is fulfilling, as you get to learn and grow through your work. With the right skill set and attitude, property management is a career anyone would want to explore. You can check out for a range of options for property management certification that will definitely help you grow.

Your Role as a Property Manager

A property manager’s job description falls in the administrative, financial, operations, and customer service categories. Your administrative duties include keeping records, reporting, and budgeting, processing applications, interviewing potential clients, and posting advertisements. Your daily operations involve regular inspection of buildings, routine maintenance, addressing evictions and late rent, and filling vacancies.

A property manager also engages in financial tasks such as rent collection, bank reconciliation, budget preparation, creating financial reports, and paying all the utility bills. Irrespective of all these duties, the primary task is customer service, as shown by routinely handling of issues relating to tenants and property owners.

The Benefits of Property Management as a Career

If sitting behind a desk is not your forte, property management is a career worth trying. When you are a property manager, you work at the site. Office hours in a week are negligible when sorting the range of administrative duties. Since routines can be boring, with property management, you are constantly into new experiences.

Property management is a promising career because of the myriad of growth opportunities. While the hourly salary for property managers is alluring, there is also job security affirmed by the real estate industry boom. Mind you, you have an option of staying anywhere while managing properties remotely.

Are you a people’s person? If you thrive well with relationships, property management is your ideal career. The role requires collaboration and teamwork with colleagues and clients. In fact, nothing is more rewarding than to help clients get satisfactory home options.

While certifications can grow your career, in property management, these are not mandatory. Besides, you don’t need a special degree or training. With a commitment to your work, you can scale any heights as a property manager. In most cases, a company that appreciates your value will work towards equipping you through training.

The Cons of Property Management Career

One of the challenging aspects of a career in property management is working long hours. You might have to take work at home and solve some issues even at wee hours of the night. In this case, fatigue is imminent, making self-care a significant part of property managers.

Meeting stubborn clients and property owners with unrealistic expectations is commonplace in this career, making daily frustrations inevitable. That is why you need exceptional people skills and patience to address situations without getting emotional.

If you have been wondering whether property management is a good career, there you have it. The benefits of property management far outweigh the losses. Make the right choice and l experience steady career growth in the high-ranking real estate industry.


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